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Experience Sinless Treats' luxurious chocolate corporate gifts, crafted from the finest organic ingredients made by artisan chocolatiers.
Impress clients and colleagues with the sinlessly delicious taste of our decadent chocolates, the ultimate choice for showing appreciation and strengthening business relationships.

Sinless Treats luxury chocolate is a perfect gift for colleagues and partners you value most!

It's never been more simple to gift a luxury experience to colleagues, clients and C-suite executives.
With our branded, personalized boxes filled with one of a kind artisan Sinless Treats chocolates you can be sure that your corporate gift will stand out.
Personalize your next corporate gift with us.
We also take care of shipping and delivery so you don’t have to!

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Luxurious Gourmet Chocolates

Choose from a delectable range of gourmet chocolates, handcrafted with the finest, natural and organic ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. Sinlessly indulge in the sinfully delicious flavors, textures, and aromas of our chocolates and experience a new level of chocolate goodness guilt-free.

Promotional Materials

Maximize your brand's exposure by including promotional materials in your corporate chocolate gifts. From flyers and brochures to branded chocolates, we'll work with you to incorporate your marketing materials in a way that elevates the presentation of your gift.

Include your business cards or personal message

Add a personalized touch to your corporate gifts by adding your business cards or personal messages. Whether you're expressing gratitude, congratulations or holiday wishes, we'll help convey your message in a thoughtful and professional manner, complete with your logo or signature.

We take Care of Shipping and Delivery

We provide direct shipping to multiple locations, so you can send gifts without leaving your office. Our team handles logistics, ensuring on- time delivery and high-quality gifts that reflect positively on your brand

Customize your next gift


In order to provide you with an accurate estimate please send us the inquiry
with the following information:

1. Logo graphics (.EPS, or .PHP format)
2. The chocolate collection
3. The size and the number of boxes
4. Miscellaneous (Custom bags, tags, etc.)
5. Branding location ( On the chocolate, on the box, on the ribbons)


For regular size boxes of 6, 10 and 24 there are no minimal order requirements. For the favor boxes of 4 the minimum order is 20 boxes
Between one and three weeks, depending on the quantity and complexity of the order.
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