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Premium Dark Chocolate – Demystifying the Origin of the Gourmet Treat

Premium dark chocolate has been a part of the human experience for centuries. I was always popular as a status symbol among royalty in different parts of the world, and as a ceremonial drink for the Mayan and Aztec elites. In the modern days dark chocolate remains a top choice for people to indulge. What makes the premium dark chocolate so desirable and different from any regular chocolate? Let’s explore the secret life of the premium dark chocolate.

Any chocolate aficionado would tell the premium chocolate by its three main characteristics: The rich taste, the luscious shine, and a signature snap. The taste component comes from nature, and from the origin of the cacao beans. There are only a few regions in the world that grow cacao beans, But the most flavorful and nutrient-rich beans come from South America, specifically from the pristine rainforests of Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Bolivia. There are many organic, sustainable farmers that grow the finest chocolate trees, including the Original-DNA cacao trees, which are thought to be extinct as recently as the year 2012. The rich soils and meticulous attention to each cacao tree, without use of the pesticides or chemicals produce the beans of incredible taste and health benefits. 

Gourmet chocolate done right, means a minimally processed ensemble of the very specific ingredients. In fact, only three ingredients are needed to produce a premium dark chocolate bar: cacao nibs, also known as cacao solids, cacao butter, and the sweetener. To make the chocolate even more unique and valuable the sugar can be replaced as a sweetener by natural sugar alternatives like stevia leaves or inulin to make a sugar-free chocolate. The high percentage of cacao solids in premium dark chocolate (between 72-85%) results in a rich, more intense flavor that is far superior to the traditional dark chocolate. Using natural sweeteners usually results in more satisfying texture and flavor, making premium dark chocolate a more indulging and enjoyable treat, which is why many people prefer it over traditional dark chocolate

Another reason people prefer premium dark chocolate is its health benefits. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that nourishes the brain, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, and as a fermented food, serves as a great probiotic. Premium cacao beans are the perfect nutrient source for the body, and contain lots of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. In fact, bars made from premium dark chocolate are fully vegan chocolate bars, as they contain strictly plant- origin ingredients. That being said, the premium dark chocolate is considered to be a healthier option than traditional dark chocolate. 

Third important advantage the premium dark chocolate has over its regular counterpart is sustainability and ethical production practices. Happy chocolate comes from happy chocolate farmers, and it is very important for the chocolatiers to know the story and the origin of their chocolate ingredients. The industrial grade chocolatiers use low –quality cacao beans grown in certain regions of the world using harmful chemicals and pesticides, which are known to negatively impact health and the environment. There are even controversies of children that are made to work in the cacao trade against their will. Premium dark chocolate, on the other hand, is typically made using high-quality cocoa beans that are sourced from fair trade farms, which ensures that farmers are paid a fair wage for their work and that the environment is protected. At Sinless Treats we have personal relationships with our cacao growers, and we personally visit each farm once per year to ensure the compliance to the highest ethical and quality standards, as well as build personal relationships with farmers that enable us to make our premium artisan chocolate.

The final point to make about premium dark chocolate versus its regular counterpart is that premium chocolate is given as a gift makes a very powerful statement. For the chocolatiers, the premium dark chocolate has beneficial properties to work with. It is much easier to mold it into an artisan chocolate bar, a chocolate gift box, or even into an edible handmade chocolate bouquet. Whether it is given on its own, or as a part of a gourmet chocolate gift basket it is guaranteed to impress and delight the recipient. 

Like with diamonds, there are many facets to the chocolate that are fascinating to explore, but one thing is for certain, people prefer premium dark and artisan chocolate over the mass-produced low quality dark chocolate. From its superior taste and health benefits, to its sustainability and ethical production practices, and its versatility, premium dark chocolate is a treat that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or a unique corporate gift, premium dark chocolate is the perfect choice!


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